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Volunteer Work

Giving Back


Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

August 2015 - Present

I have volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Milwaukee Metro Area for the past four years. This experience is driven by my desire to enrich my surrounding community and to point at risk children down a safe, successful path.



United Performance Art Fund

The United Performing Arts Fund believes that everyone in the community should have the chance to embrace the magic of music, dance, and theater. (As do I!) I’m grateful for their partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and was happy to take my little to his first live musical.


UW-Marquette Recognition

My little and I had a blast celebrating the end of #NationalMentoringMonth with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee at a Marquette basketball game.

The BBBS group was recognized on the Jumbotron, which made our day. It’s moments like this that make it all worth it!


Arbor Day Celebration

In honor of Arbor Day 2017, the City of Milwaukee came together with the Department of Public Works Forestry Services to plant trees throughout the city. While helping plant, we had a chance to meet Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee, to discuss MKE's ongoing environmental efforts. What a day!

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